Elastic wrist support 3703

  • Model:3703
  • material:Acrylic,elasticband
  • Size:S M L
  • Color:Blue
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Common Examples of Use

  • Elastic wrist support can prevent or avoid Sprains and strains
  • Elastic wrist support can prevent the injury from aggravation
  • Elastic wrist support is suitable for various of sports and works demanding wrist force

Product Features

    • Elastic wrist support
    • Breathable fabric provides soft tissue support without heat retention
    • Adjustable strap to control compression
    • Fits either wrist

 Package detail

  • Package:  PP bag or Colorbox
  • Carton Size:51*33*41cm
  • Packing quantity:400  pair (OPP BAG) /  150 packs(colorbox)
  • G.W. :13  kg (OPP bag) /8 kg(colorboc)
  • Colorbox: the colorbox can be customed ,the MOQ is 3000 pcs
  • LOGO :the LOGO of elastic wrist support can be customized  ,the film charge is USD elastic wrist support show high quality elastic wrist support

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