Address: Industrial Park of Wujian Town,Jiangdu District,Yangzhou City,Jiangsu Province,China

The Wal-Mart Global Procurement is planning a visit to our factory today.  The purpose of their visit is to perform an Ethical Standards audit for Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. focusing on 3 key areas of our factory: 

 Factory management practices 

 Factory systems

  Labor relationship  

To achieve the above, they will follow the audit procedures as below: 

1. An opening meeting with our factory management, to explain briefly the purpose and procedures of audit  

 2. A factory tour to walk around our factory area including production floors, dormitories, canteen, etc. 

3. Document review of related documents as shown in the document request list 

4. A private interview (without the presence of factory management) between our auditors and selected        employees from our factory 

5. A closing meeting with our factory management to conclude any findings.   

We  arrange all workers and all department heads to be at the factory upon their arrival. Each department head should also be prepared with all the keys to any locked areas that he/she is responsible for so that the auditor can access such areas when needed.  During the audit, some employees of our factory will also be selected for interview with their auditor(s). 
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