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China Sport industry is now known as one of cultural and creative industries and creative industries , creative economy , for those who rely on individual creativity , skill and talent to information and network technology as the carrier , through the development and production of intellectual property, creating economic benefits and employment opportunities in the industry. Creative industries are an emerging international services industry classification concepts. European countries initially defined as the range of creative industries, thirteen industry , with the continuous advance the creative industries , now tourism , museums , art galleries, sports and even a symphony , also incorporated into its category. Creative industries are developed under the background of knowledge economy , characterized as follows: do not rely on natural resources to rely on innovation capacity ; intelligence-intensive ; constantly create new categories ; has led a wide range of industrial relevance ; special industrial organization model , dependent development of the cluster effect .

Today, the creative industry has become a pillar industry of the developed countries , in China , the rapid rise of the creative industries . The enormous social impact and economic development leading role in the Olympics also shows sports prominence as one of the creative industries , sports and related education and training , facilities and equipment, the news media , management services with distinctive characteristics of the creative industries , the market prospect is extremely broad. Growth of the sports industry is moving closer to the general public to experience personally involved in fitness training in the field of market performance from the spread .