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New item elastic waist support belt 6021

  • Model:6021
  • material:Nylon,spandex,sandwich mesh cloth,PP stay
  • Size:one size
  • Color:Black
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New item elastic waist support belt 

Common Examples of Use

Waist support belt can prevent or avoid Sprains and strains

the  belt can prevent the injury from aggravation

Waist support belt is suitable for various of sports and works demanding waist force

Product Features

Waist support belt has lightweight and durable construction

Removable and malleable waist stay

Waist support belt can keep Warm, promote blood circulation and metabolism of the body

It  use the permeable material and can be breathable perspiration

Package detail

Package:  PP bag or Colorbox

Carton Size:51*33*41cm

Packing quantity:50 pcs(OPP BAG)/ packs(colorbox)

G.W. : kg(OPP bag)/ kg(colorboc)

Colorbox: the colorbox can be customed ,the MOQ is 3000 pcs 

LOGO :the LOGO of fitness waist support can be customed  .

compressed waist support belt waist support belt show waist support belt details

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