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In every gym, you will encounter this kind of people, their "equipment" are quite complete: gloves, waist belts, wrist, knee, anxious to re-armed to feet.

1. Sports gloves

Gloves should be the most frequently occurring gym, whether a beginner or enthusiasts who have years of experience in fitness training, very like to wear the sports gloves before they are training. It was generally felt gloves can increase friction and prevent your hands becoming rough. 

But some experienced people think, with the sports gloves doesn't fully protect your hands. Especially the weekly training density is relatively large fans, palm cocoon is unavoidable.

Facts have proved that the direct training of friction is the biggest empty-handed. If the hand slip, then you can rub some pink slip. Of course, if you are a chiropractor or a pianist, hands need special protection, wear gloves and that was it! If they still insist on training hand trauma, but also need to wear gloves.

2. Protect waist belt

Many people who do the squats and deadlifts, would like to tie a waist belt. because belt will play a role in protecting the lumbar spine, increase abdominal pressure to stabilize the upper body.But if wearing the belt for too long time, it will hinder the growth of the lower back muscles. So, just try to wear it when the weight of the limit of 80% or mote than 90%, or your waist have juries. The effect will be much better.

3. Elbow and knee pads

Elbow and knee pads can be used to protect fragile or injured joints and muscles.

However, it's only suitable to the limit weight or the injury recovery. We don't recommend people use them for long time in your daily life or sleeping.

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