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 The symptoms of tennis elbow are common in tennis beginners,  the pain mainly caused by the injury of the radial extensor carpal muscle. Radial wrist muscles are mainly responsible for the action of the wrist stretch, so high-intensity repetitive flexor wrist action, or the muscle of the centrifugal contraction load is too high will cause the phenomenon of injury. Other repetitive wrist movements cause the same part of the movement injury is also known as the tennis elbow, for example: baseball pitcher repetitive pitching action, if too much emphasis on the wrist action, it will also cause radial wrist muscle 

Why we have Tennis Elbow and how to  Prevent Injury

Most of the tennis beginners are unfamiliar with tennis elbows because the damage is absolutely related to the technical action, and  the main reason is the improper teaching of the coach . Figure 2 from the tennis anti-back action, you can clearly understand the one hand backhand in the waving action, the body's rotation and the center of gravity can move forward enough to produce enough momentum to smooth the ball to play the ball back Action, but the wrist is actually fixed, and not too much wrist and wrist movements. The rotation of the body and the center of gravity to the front to create a center of gravity forward displacement effect, can reduce the radial side of the wrist muscle group in the face of the shot moment of the centrifugal contraction load. While the wrist of the fixed and the body rotation is to avoid the wrist to make repeat of the wrist and wrist movements. These are easy for tennis beginners to ignore. However, many tennis coaches can not wait for beginners to move and move the focus of the shift, I am anxious to let the beginner to practice racing the racket action, and even feeding the ball practice, which makes the radial side of the wrist muscles bear a lot of load.

In the tennis beginner process to avoid the occurrence of tennis elbow, the most important thing is to step by step practice. Coaches should instruct beginners to follow the pace of hand, body rotation, center of gravity displacement and arm exercises. And in the beginner stage to teach beginners to stretch the wrist action strength training, such as: light dumbbell or beverage bottles can be. After the action is skilled, first with a lighter tennis racket practice swing, shoot the selection of the gut line material can also provide greater flexibility in the batting buffer, less vibration side effects and better control of the batting The Wait until the ball action is correct, and then in accordance with the wrist strength and technical needs of the use of nylon lines and pounds of heavy face to strengthen the attack power.

treatment for Tennis elbow 
In the tennis elbow treatment, the first thing is of course rest. Then sas a beginner, to identify the lack of technical action, to be amended, and then re-strength training and holding practice. After the tendon rehabilitation, remember to train the preparation period, the strength of the development period and the training period of the amount of training and intensity to the radial stretch of the wrist muscles for training, especially muscle training part of the particularly important. Athletes with tennis elbows are often troubled by the elbow of tennis and are not willing to stop training. And damage to do the time of tug of war, the end of the injury can not be fully recovered, athletic performance will not have good results.
General green, severe tennis elbow symptoms common treatment have to wear sports protective gear, stickers, ultrasonic treatment and deep massage. The principle of wearing a sports guard is to press the pain point, so that the injured tendon is not in the course of movement by pulling and continue to hurt (Figure 3). The purpose of the internal fixation is to provide a wrist stretching action to relieve the load of the extensor caris muscle in the repetitive action. Physical therapy commonly used in the treatment of ultrasound is to allow deep tissue vibration to promote blood circulation and healing procedures. Deep massage is to allow muscle fibers in the healing stage can be arranged in a more neat way to heal, to avoid fibrosis and loss of flexibility. The simple way is to move the middle finger to the pain, to the direction of the vertical tendon to roll (not sliding on the skin). This is a bit like a middle finger on the table will be placed in a pen to the vertical pen on the desktop so that the pen rolling, rolling range is very small. Some physicians will also recommend to apply steroids, which is usually a special factor will be carried out, for example: patients with long-term drinking or smoking, leading to repeated inflammation of the wound difficult to heal. Or athletes need to recover in the short term has been training. However, frequent sterilization is likely to cause muscle fiber embrittlement, making the tendon in the process of movement occurs very high probability of fracture. As for orthopedic surgery, it is when the patient's injury has occurred fibrosis, it is difficult to heal. You can consider the surgical approach to wound around the sores, the deposition in the wound around the fibrous material removed, making the blood circulation normalization, and promote the normal tissue healing procedures. Usually the first treatment, the physician and physiotherapist will still hope that patients find action technical problems, supplemented by conservative therapy, usually the healing probability is very high. Athletes suffering from tennis elbow, if you can do physical therapy, technical correction, muscle strength training and muscle endurance training, recurrence rate is very low.

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