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Basketball Ankle sprain

Ankle sprain is a common sporting injury in basketball. According to the study, the proportion of lateral ankle sprain in basketball was 13.2%,  is the highest proportion of all basketball injuries.

Ankle ligament is divided into the medial ligament group and the lateral ligament group,  mainly sprain is the lateral ligament of the main injury, in all ankle sprain, the lateral ankle sprain as high as 85%. The anterior talofibular ligament in the lateral ligament group is the most common lateral ligament that is prone to strain.

Outside the ankle sprain occurred from the machine when the ankle showed plantar song, plus a varus angle, is the most prone to ankle sprain. As the ankle plantar curvature, the anterior talar fibular ligament was pulled to the longest and most vulnerable state, if the ground when the center of gravity is not smooth and varus action, it may cause this ligament strain. This situation is common in basketball players rebound or jump shot, landing when the footsteps of instability or accidentally stepped on the feet of other players, resulting in ankle ankle instability sprain.

Ankle sprain, sprain parts around the muscles, blood vessels and ligaments due to excessive pull injury or bleeding, so that ankle swelling pain. Severe ankle sprain may be combined with ligament rupture, joint dislocation and fractures. Ankle sprain generally can be divided into three levels:
    Level 1: mild swelling, oppression when there is a slight local pain, not the case of bleeding.
    Level 2: local swelling and obvious tenderness, local blood stasis. May be combined with ligament laceration.
    Level 3: Significant local swelling combined with blood stasis, tenderness as severe as two, the ligament may be close to complete or complete fracture, combined with joint loose dislocation, fracture and other issues.

the acute treatment  of Ankle sprain , including the protection of sprained parts, limit ankle activity, rest, ice, pressure sprained parts, the ankle elevation. In the basketball court, for the already had ankle sprain or long after the injury ankle instability of the players, will recommend the use of protective gear and sports protection stickers. The protection of the sprained ankle brace , the use of eight-type Velcro, given ankle fixation and compression effect, slow down the pain after the ankle joint injury and swelling;brace for sprained ankle Velcro with the user ankle swelling and discomfort, adjust the appropriate Pressure, to achieve the most comfortable and good protection effect. Sports stickers, the use of white paste, the ankle to do horseshoe, stirrup, character, lock and other skills to prevent sex stickers, fixed ankle, prevention of exercise again ankle sprain. But also in the ankle sprain after swelling of the site using muscle effect patch, to promote local blood and lymph circulation, accelerate the swelling to eliminate, slow down the pain.

sprained ankle brace

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